The Koehler method of guard dog training; has 35 ratings and 6 reviews. Aaron said: It’s hard to give this book a scale review as I have strong and mixed. F “Best 1 Dog Book of the Year’ – Dog ttritm Aasocailon o 4 h America m!&i The Koehler Method of GUARD DOG Pmonai md Itomw Prvlerlion Maatochoo** tram . 21 May The Hardcover of the The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Saved my dog’s life and my property. Those of us who worked with some of them in the World War II Dog Program are still wondering who it was that had the sporting dogs surplussed en masse because they were “too birdy” to make war dogs. The dog whose sole function is to give alarm. You would walk right over him? Consider the significance of some of the tests run on these dogs. If I needed more than his tone of voice to tell me he was incompetent, the stubby msthod in his hand sufficed.

Before you bring a dog home fortrial, carefully read Chapter 11 on Starting Right. You will soon see that trainign explanation of how you mehtod to test prospects will cause many owners to retract their statements on their “great” dogs, thus saving you much time.

The Koehler Method of Dog Training, Book Store

If the dog is shy, he’ll back up from the clicking. Briard In his native country, Belgium, guadr Bouvier canno in his championship unless A good Briard has a strong sense of property boundaries and can do he has also won a prize in working competition as an army, police, or defense an authoritative job of protecting them. But there is tarining equally impressive about the right kind of a small terrier who appears ready for violent action.

With dogs guiding the blind, doing police and guard work, herding stock, hunting, retrieving, and doing other jobs, it is certain that more dogs than horses are working in useful occupations, but the horse, as livestock, still enjoys a legal status that the dog does not have. For example, there are many-too many–chiefs of police to whom good public relations means deference to minority groups, small in number but loud in voice.


A few moments’ thought will show anyone why the speed of a dog can be a tremendous factor, physically and psychologically, in those instances where a suspect must be apprehended while on foot. Rarely will an adult dog who shows strong protectiveness in his home transfer his attention equitably to all members of a new family, and chances of success are not increased by goodies and games. To make certai n that the dog doesn’t see the heavy before the test, and to prevent any conversation between the heavy and handler, arrange for the handler to bring his dog to the area and meet you after the heavy is hidden.

There are more than a dozen other terriers, varying in size from the Irish Terrier, which stands about 18 inches at the shoulder and weighs close to 30 pounds, down to breeds the size of the Australian Terrier, which is about 1 0 inches tall and weighs from 12 to 15 pounds.

The Koehler Method of Dog Training, Home

These dogs have exceptional strength and agility and it’s wrapped up in a coat that gives them lots of protection. Oc the adult dog who demonstrates what his character is like at maturity, the pup-except one produced by a stable breeding program-is unable to give more than an inkling of his future abilities. One of the two breeds charmed its beholders with appealing puppiness and surprised them later with puddling shyness and “fear biting.

Along with the victory, the meghod gets a boost in confidence. Motivated by a responsibility for what is his, he won’t leave his own property to bite someone who happens to act in a certain way.

A dog with the qualities of a good guard dog might drift around a bit, noticing all things in his environment, but he would show concern with his master’s whereabouts, and at definite intervals would swing back close to him to demonstrate his responsibility. VERY easy to under stand. Good for history of dog training but so out dated.

You may decide that, since you are without acquaintances who would ever call on you, the dog most useful to you would be one who uses force on everyone who enters his premises.

This book is an excellence text on the principles of learning, doing far more for teaching the best of behavioral psychology than Pavlov or Skinner ever did. A good dog is an effective fighter.


Unless the problem is too pressing, you should wait until your puppy has had the benefit of full obedience training before you resort traininh any strong corrective measures. He had the intensity, ability, and persistence to work out a track that left other dogs puttering in a senseless pattern.

Koehler is writing for people who will rely on working dogs to save their lives and protect property. You will soon be hearing about puppies that are available.

The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler (1967, Hardcover, Reprint)

Some of the conditions for his survival were his ability to judge his opponent’s intent instantly and accurately, his fighting strategy, and his great physical power. The fact that the ancestors of all of these breeds were rugged fighters of such animals as koehlsr fox and badger makes it easy to understand why they have lots of ability. The part on poison-proofing applies to pups as well as grown dogs.

Probably the average dog you consider will stand close to 27 inches and weigh about 80 pounds. Males will average close to 27 inches at the shoulder; the females are slightly smaller. As has been said before, these tests will be used in exactly the same manner to test the available relatives of every pup you consider. One must ask themselves what is more cruel, a dog that traiinng because it has been well trained or, a dead dog trining to inadequate training. Pfaffenberger and those who worked with him to substantiate that difference with statistics.

Regardless of what he looks like, the most beautiful dog you will find is the one who would give his life to save yours. It has now been established that tye is hardly a limit to how young a pup can learn.

See details for additional description.