Affordaplane cost about USD and is a small single seat ultralight airplane powered by a 35 hp engine. Built from plans. Highlights info row image. people follow this. AboutSee All. Highlights info row image. Contact Affordaplane on Messenger. Highlights info row image. agrees as follows: 1. That he/she has purchased from Dave Edwards Marketing Group, one complete set of plans and specifications for a Affordaplane aircraft. 2.

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The rugged landing gear allows the aircraft to fly in and out of just about any affordaplanf condition. Retrieved from ” https: Remember Me Forgot your password?

Affordaplane Plans

The controls are conventional 3-axis. A thirteen year perfect safety record backs up the claim that this is one safe, tough bird. Every fitting is drawn full size with dimensions given.

Cut, drill, and bolt, to get a perfect fit. The Affordaplane has a unique single acting aileron control surface approximately the entire length of the wing.

You make new friends and become part of a very special family as you exchange ideas and share what you’ve accomplished.

Data from Ultralight News, [1] Pilot Mix [4].


One of the best contenders is the Affordaplane – or ‘A-Plane’ as this sophisticated, yet ultra-simple ultralight is popularly called. The Affordaplane cost about USD and is a afordaplane single seat ultralight airplane powered by a 35 hp engine. Instead of welding, structural components are attached with riveted or bolted aluminum gussets.

Affordaplane – Wikipedia

After ordering, you will be taken to a page where you can instantly download your Affordaplane Plans Set. A technique known as ‘match-hole’ drilling is used to join the parts.

Simply click on the link below, and it will take you to our secure order page. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Builders praise the flying characteristics of their A-Planes. The manual also includes an article on aircraft hardware, how-to information like how to cut metal, how to cover and paint your aircraft, weight affotdaplane balance procedures, and much more.

Affordaplane Plans | Affordaplane

At least one affordzplane has constructed a two-seat, tandem version. Builders have the option of constructing the wing spars out of aluminum tube or rigid foam. Climb rates average feet per minute. Weight is a legal pounds with a gross weight of pounds.

Ultralight aircraft Homebuilt aircraft. The design goals for this unique airplane were nostalgic looks having incorporated the best elements of classic taildraggers such as the Cubs and Champsease of assembly, and performance that rivals more expensive ultralights.


Controls are standard three-axis stick and rudder with full span ailerons. Perhaps the best part of all is the lifetime bonds of friendship you share between those who build and fly this unique aircraft! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Photo Gallery

Pretty Yellow Blue Affordaplane! The wing features full span ailerons, for perfect control even during strong crosswinds, that would ground other ultralights. Some builders have configured these as flaperons but the plans do not include details for this modification. Affordaolane was also paramount, and resulted in an airframe that surrounds the pilot through degrees.

Our customers love the savings and convenience of our digital E-Plans, and we think you will too! So if your dream is to fly in your own airplane, you can get started right now by visiting the plans page at Affordaplane.

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