Do whatever you want with a Initial Counseling Form: fill, sign, print and send online instantly. Securely download your document with other editable. DA FORM , JUL APD LC vES. Page 1 of 2. Reception & Integration (Initial) counseling: The purpose of this counseling is to provide you my. Purpose: The purpose of this counseling is to inform you of your duties and responsibilities while serving under my supervision in 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, th.

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You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner and show competent leadership. However, I cannot do this alone. Type or paste examples below and click Send. Back ccounseling Performance Counseling.

army initial counseling examples – HugoCombs’s blog

I will outline what is expected in our unit. Report disagreements or problems to your supervisor first so we can work them out first before they affect morale. The links at 485 top of this page provide access to numerous examples of Soldier and NCO performance counseling. Everyone is expected to monitor their own ancillary training and additional duty training requirements and keep them current. If not sure about something, ask.

It is my duty as an NCO to help you develop into a better Soldier. You are expected to show up to work well rested and ready to work. Back to Performance Counseling Thanks for your contributions! Thanks for your contributions! Timeliness is very important. Make sure you are present at least 20 minutes prior to all announced formations.

Study, inutial regulations and ask questions. Be where you innitial to be, when you need to be there, with the proper gear. This section is completed by both the leader and the individual counseled and provides useful information for follow-up counseling space space Counselor: When I send out an e-mail or text message, you will send a reply once you read the message. I expect for counsdling to conduct yourself as a disciplined Soldier and for you to know what is expected of you.


Always be professional and never allow your personal feelings to get in the way of respecting other Soldiers. Developmental counseling is categorized by the purpose of the counseling session.

If you are unsure of the correct uniform, contact me and I will provide you with that information.

Back to Counseling Examples. If you need to make an appointment, check with me before making the appointment so I can check the training schedule.

Even if overseas, underage drinking is not allowed. Our Commander and First Sergeant have open door policies but use discretion.


Back to Performance Counseling Thanks for your contributions! Any personal or family issues that arise, make sure to inform me ASAP so that I can give you whatever support you may need.

Should always be prepared for section Class A inspections. Do not be afraid to approach me with any concerns you initoal have.

Performance Counseling Examples

Ask supervisor for help when needed. All members must be present 10 minutes before scheduled formations. DO NOT make any appointments without checking with me first. Always be prepared and plan ahead.

Performance evaluation for civilian employees also includes both of these requirements. They should also echo the objectives on the leader’s support form as a team member’s performance contributes to mission accomplishment. Don’t expect you to perform alone until you’re qualified. As a SOLDIER you should, at counseilng times conduct yourself accordingly, not in a manner as to discredit yourself or the unit in or out of uniform.


Your uniform needs to be presentable at all times. Soldiers E-4 and below should receive counseling monthly.

You are expected to maintain clean and serviceable uniforms at all times and to set the example. Your progress will be evaluated by your supervisor every month. I will inform you of any duties you may have as soon as I am made aware of them.

During the counseling, leader and subordinate conduct a review to identify and discuss the subordinate’s strengths and weaknesses and to create an individual development plan that builds upon those strengths and compensates for or eliminates weaknesses. Thanks for your contributions! Mandatory, face-to-face performance counseling between the rater and the rated NCO is required under the noncommissioned officer evaluation reporting system.

The leader and subordinate jointly establish performance objectives and standards for the next period.

Initial Counseling Example (ARNG)

Rather than dwelling on the past, focus on the future: 486 you got ’em, they can be shared by using the form below. If necessary, remedial instruction can be provided.

Breakfast is eaten at home not at work. You’re required to take a PT test once a year. Army leaders ensure that performance objectives and standards are focused and tied to the organization’s objectives and the individual’s professional development.