Varivasya Rahasya – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Varivasya Rahasya is a Tantric treatise on Sri Vidya Upasana by the. The Varivasya-Rahasya is an independent treatise and its commentary is by the author himself. The English translation is by Pandit S. Subrahmanya Sastri. Bhaskararaya (Bhāskararāya Makhin) (–) is widely considered an authority on all Varivasya Rahasya, is a commentary on Sri Vidya mantra and worship. The Varivasya Rahasya contains ślokas numbered consecutively.

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He then undertook a tour in Gujarat and there van- quished in debate a teacher of the Vallabha-sampra- daya. For purposes of internal worship the Supreme Goddess is invested with three forms: Swami Tapasyananda Paperback Edition: In the external method, Cakra-s, images and other concrete physical objects are used as emblems and upacdra-s are offered to them. My thanks are due to Mr. The Initiate who has attained God-vision sees God everywhere and his whole life is full of rapture and divine worship and the difficulty comes in only when such a person is provoked to action by the thoughtless curiosity of the natural man.

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Varivasya-Rahasya of Sri Bhaskara-Raya Makhin : with his own commentary “Prakasa” – Details – Trove

This work was published some years ago by Pandit Jyestharam Mukundji rrahasya Bombay. In this manner, the meaning of the Gayatri of the Vidya has been expounded in the Tripuropanisad as well as in the [Devi- Bhagavata. Khandadeva did not deal with the first pdda of the first Adhyaya and the last four AdhySya-s 13th to 16thwhich constitute what is known as the Samkarsa- kanda.

By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. Having thus described the form of the Jiva and the Brahman by means of suggestive sentences, their identity has been established.


These are the Namartha and Sabdarupartha respectively of the Srividya. If the authority of a statement is once strongly established, everything [leading to it] has to be conceded with a view not to contravene [such a statement].

After a short stay at Varifasya, he removed himself to the banks of the Krishna river at the request of his disciple Candrasena, a minor chieftain. Rauasya Sastrin, and prefixed to it. The Brahman is worthy of being praised by Brahman, Visnu and Rudra. Anantakrishna Sastrin for having brought out the work, notwithstanding the errors. My compliments for your prompt delivery. Bhaskararaya mentions, with respect and approval, Appayya Diksita, who lived between a.

Krishnasvami Sastrin, Sub-Registrar, when appro- ached for advice regarding the publication of the work, agreeably surprised me by stating that he had two MS. Hence, this work Rahasyavari- vasya, has been expounded for their delight. Please read our Privacy Policy for details.

The name Hrirn of the substantive, because it indicates Brahman, is in the neuter gender.


His Guptavati had its birth at Cidambaram, in the year Pramoda of Samvat As there is no difference between the cause and its effect, between the thing signified vdcya and the word which signifies the thing vacakaand between Brahman and the universe, so also the universe and this Vidya are identical [in relation to’ each other]. Such explanation and justification are forthcoming in the Setubandha of Bhaskararaya.

It has now become the Bhdtta- candrika, as it contains all the sixteen kolas. It is narrated that when he was only a boy of seven years of age, he was able to excite the rahaeya of Sabhe- svara by his dialectical ability.

Bhaskararaya – Wikipedia

Ramachandra Ayyar, by the intro- duction of some changes which we considered suitable. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia.


Variavsya aggregatesamasti of the nine beginning with Bindu is known as Nada. The Aksara-s inserted in the Sri-cakra, published for the first time in this book, are based on the Srl-cakra published in the Prapancasara, Sri Vrivasya Vilas Press edition. Then again, the first two letters of the third Group Sa Ka indicate the same three words and six letters.

Beyond these three forms is that transcendent aspect of Sri Devi, where she is experienced as the Innermost Self of Bliss. According to the Sastra, a person who has undergone the Sodhanyasa becomes one with the Supreme Isvara and he cannot be expected to prostrate himself before any other man who has not undergone the above Nyasa.

The four SparSa-s originate from the three Kamakala-s and the third Ikara. His devoted disciple, Jagannatha, pays the following loving tribute to his master, with which we should like to conclude this introduction. As Varivasyz signifies the face, Ha Sa Ka would mean a smiling face.

The meaning of the whole name is therefore the NamaikadeSartha [the meaning of a part of such name]. Krishna Warrier Hardcover Edition: Who would wish to gratify multitudes of beasts? The suksma form is composed of the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, which go to form the various Mantra-s and this Mantra-form is capable of auditory apprehension by gifted persons. Accordingly Narayana Bhatta and his followers took themselves to the Yagaiala, where they were cordially received by Bhaskararaya.

Approach- ing Bhaskararaya he addressed him as follows: