The literal meaning of Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam is “Heart –hṛdayam– of Recognition –pratyabhijñā–“. Nonetheless, there are three possible ways of interpreting. PRATYABHIJNAHRDAYAM ♢ THE SECRET OF RECOGNITION TRANSLATED BY KURT F\ Digitised by Ajit Gargeshwari For Karnataka. 21 Mar KSTS edition (Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies).

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Confer the central importance of the dispensation of grace in the hymns of Manikka- Vas’aga Schomerus, H. It flowered in Kashmir from the 9th until about the 14th century of our era In the first half of that period Shivaism produced, prafyabhijnahrdayam respect of content and volume, a not insignificant religious-philosophical literature How- ever, losing power it vegetated side by side with Islam in the mountain valley of Srinagar until a short time ago.

In giving up vikalpa and concentrating on one [only]one reaches pratyabhijnahrdaysm the stage of ts’vam-ship. She pervades the sensual universe and misleads mankind.

When reading spiritual classics it is essential that the translator be a great swami or at least be a serious practicioner who has regular access to a great swami. He goes into more detail of a lot of the concepts in Kashmir Shavism, -that is to say, lists of technical terms- whereas Taimni tends to paint in broader brush strokes. For the double meaning of j’iiana cf.


Terms of use Privacy and Security statement. There pratyabhijnahrdaaym, likewise, five senses of action, called karmendriyas.

There are the two auxiliary nadls, ida and piiigaldand the central nadi, susumna. The two above- mentioned points of view also influenced my selection.

Both, hathapaka pratyabhijnahrrdayam alamgrasabelong to those forma- tions of concepts which indicate a connection between Yoga and the age-old fire-penance cf. The sutras are aphorisms in briefest form which contain the whole doctrine by implication ryid are intended to serve as aids to memory.

Other two important news: This book is excellent because it offers some understanding.

Schmitz, Psychoanalyse und Yogap. Unrnil occurs on pp. In later developments of the doctrine of kundalinl, this mysterious being comes to be of greater and greater importance.

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Thus it is said in the excellent Pratyabhijna: In older works of this kind sutrasas a rule, are by some authority of the past, while the commentary is by a student, or one who keeps up the tradition, or a later authority.

Pratyabhijnahrdayam : Ksemaraja : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

On the meaning of these five highest principles and pratyabhijnahrdayaj mutual demarcation Chatterji, K. The first four krtyas constitute the cosmic process, lasting and repeating itself as it does from eternity to eternity. Always filled she is yet lean, of either form yet of one character only.

And these sthitis are his rolesi.

The 3rd person seems to permit the conclusion that Ksemaraja is only the author of the commentary, but not of the sutras. The most direct application of Panca-kritya the observation of the five actions of consciousness is Vikalpa Kshayaliterally meaning “dissolution of thoughts”.

That the limits between the two are not sharply drawn may be seen already from the fact that the names of both are often used promiscuously. The word bhairava, a derivative from bhtru, means horrifying. According to the passage of our text, the Tantrikas believe in a transcendent atman. This work appears in Ksemaraja, Pratyabjijnahrdayam. These words convey pratyabhijnahrayam this highest comprehensive reality is effect and cause [at one and the same time].

On the one place, i. Different from the first explanation, the universe here is thought of merely as the object which is composed of the consti- tuents just mentioned. The S’abdabrahmanthe Brahman of the word, is that phase of the revelation of the deity in which it appears as the eternal word of the Veda. He who rid himself of the organs kald by means of knowledge is called vijrtanakala.

All that is in pratyabhijnahrdagam and italicized within the translation has been added by me in order to complete the sense of a particular phrase or sentence.

Even though [admitting that] citi is the cause of the universe, could one, nevertheless, cling to the doctrine of non-identity insofar as citi would pre- suppose a causa materialis 37 together with its effects?


If there were, up to that time, only a few Kashmirian Brahmans who still read the manuscripts most of them were satisfied with two single small compendiums 1we have today already a considerable series of texts, beautifully printed pratyabhojnahrdayam and collated with the best available codices by Indians, and, in part, by men trained in Europe. With regard to the same problem: When it is said that you should assimilate pratyaabhijnahrdayam universe to yourself, it is meant that you should experience unity with it, this is the sense.

Pratyabhijna – Wikipedia

;ratyabhijnahrdayam The term Trika was used by Abhinavagupta to represent the entire Kashmir Shaivism or to designate the Pratyabhijna system. While being engaged in the sense activity, the yogi should remain centered in Atman his heartthus superposing the external perceptions onto the light of is revealed heart.

Barnett, Journal of the Royal Asiastic Society, Buhler, ZDMG36, p.

Views Read Edit View history. Furthermore, in following out this idea it has not been the correlations just mentioned which have assumed a practical significance to the Yogin.


Our author, however, who is much interested in the number five adds to these letters of the alphabet proper some consonant combinations so as to bring the number of sounds up to 2 times 5 times 5.

Showing of 14 reviews. In the Indian silhouette play, hhitti is the screen upon which the silhouettes of the figures appear being set in motion by one single player behind the screen. Retrieved from ” https: Nevertheless Ksemaraja did not quite want to relinquish any reference to the mantras: From out of the ocean [of the doctrine] of re- cognition, praryabhijnahrdayam real content of the S’ankara Upanishad, 3 Happily 4 the best is brought forth to destroy pratyabhijnagrdayam effect of the poison of samsUra.