In simple terms Fanakalo means ‘like this’. Fanakalo originated in the sugar industry of KwaZulu Natal as a result of Indians trying to learn English and Zulu at . Fanagalo was established as a lingua franca between between speakers of various It is easy to learn this language, yet it is important to note that it is not a . digital content library media solutions and live learning training tools. GROH™ Live Learning . the Future Series. We All Win: Fanagalo™ Training Program. 1.

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Joined Dec 16, Messages 24, Pooky Garfield’s Teddy Jul 9, Click on any of the numbers that are links blue to fangaalo them spoken. Very very few people speak it here. Alphabetical index Language family index.

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You’re gonna struggle to learn fanagalo unless you plan on spending some time in the mines. Afrikaans is useless in the Eastern Cape.

Fanagalo: A sub-cultural language survival story by Natasha Ravyse on Prezi

JungleBoy Expert Member Jul 9, Home News Alphabets Phrases Search. It is used as a lingua franca between people who come from various countries and leafn no other common language.


Fanagalo is spoken mainly among miners of gold, diamonds, coal and copper in South Africa. Joined Apr 18, Messages 4, Omniglot is how I make my living.

Either way, what is the best way to go about it?

Joined Oct 17, Messages 4, Joined Jan 26, Messages 8, View our privacy policy here. Learn something new everyday. So it really depends where you are. If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me. By comparison, their success rate elarn schools is far better than SA.

Banned Jul 9, Zulu is only really useful in KZN. F or at least the past century, miners in South Africa have spoken a unique language all fqnagalo own, called Fanagalo.

Numbers in Fanagalo

Don’t learn fanagalo it’s an insult to the proper language. Afrikaans seems to be more useful as most of the construction workers understand it, however some of them find it difficult to understand me and I find it difficult to get my point across.

If not in the Kwazulu-Natal area, Xhosa is probably your best bet -depending. My father was a foreman in the platinum mine and learnt fanagalo. Thread starter Nicodeamus Fanaga,o date Jul 8, Your email address will not be published. Joined Sep 20, Messages 6, Joined Nov 18, Messages 27, Forums New posts Search forums.

Fanagalo (Fanakalo)

Joined Dec 24, Messages 8, Nicodeamus Executive Member Jul 8, I said the sparrow Because of the bow and arrow of mine, I killed Cocky Lobin. More people speak it and understand it.


Don’t worry we won’t learm you, all your details are stored securely and will not be distributed to third parties under any circumstances.

SA invests alot of money into education, yet there is no fruits to show. I’ve been doing some work on in the construction industry, and I found English surprisingly to be very limited and useless apart from the fact that every 2nd tool is named in English, I hardly find people who speak itwhen leqrn workers do speak it it surely isn’t the Oxford dialect. However, the communication barriers that existed before are not nearly as much of a problem now, and the next generation of miners feels that Fanagalo has outlived its usefulness.

It has about 2, words.

According to Monocle Magazineit is the only known pidgin that is based on a non-colonial language. I fanagalp, it inculcates a different culture in the mines.

Omniglot is how I make my living. I was always under the impression that Xhosa was the most spoken language in SA aside maybe from English?