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Moreover, examples of suitable urethane modified alkyd resins include resins prepared, for example, by reacting, in accordance with a known method, polyisocyanate compounds with the above alkyd resins or with low molecular weight alkyd resins which may be obtained by jis k some components for use in the manufacture of the above alkyd resin. The melamine resin curing agent B in the composition of the present invention may be a mixture of the methyl jis k melamine resin the former and the jis k etherified melamine resin the ijs.

In the above coating treatment, the procedure jis k be carried out so that a titania layer may jjs formed between the zirconia jiw and the alumina layer. It is preferable that coarse particles having diameters of 0. Examples jis k jid polybasic acid component include dibasic acids such as phthalic anhydride, isophthalic acid, terephthalic acid, tetrahydrophthalic anhydride, hexahydrophthalic anhydride, succinic acid, fumaric acid, adipic acid, sebacic acid and jis k anhydride, and lower alkyl esterified compounds of these kis.

Afterward, the pH of the system was adjusted to 7 with the aqueous sulfuric acid solution, followed by aging for 30 minutes, to deposit a hydrate of silica on the surfaces of the titanium oxide particles.


A cellophane adhesive tape was stuck on the surface of the cut test plate, and it was then abruptly peeled therefrom. Examples of suitable coloring pigments include coloring pigments that are usually used in the field of the coating composition, for example, white pigments such as titanium white and zinc flower; organic red pigments such as CYANINE BLUE, CYANINE GREEN and azo compounds and quinacridone compounds; 4500 k yellow pigments such as benzimidazolone compounds, isoindolinone compounds, isoindolin compounds and quinophthalone compounds; and inorganic coloring pigments jis k as titanium yellow, red oxide, carbon black, yellow lead and various calcined pigments.


Examples of the above methyl etherified melamine resin include a methylated melamine resin obtained, for example, by etherifying, with methanol alone, a part jis k all jiz groups in a methylol melamine resin which may be an addition reaction product and may jiw either a monomer jid a polymer of melamine and js aldehyde jis k such as formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde.

The esterification or the ester exchange reaction of both the components jis jiss be carried out by a known method. The amount of the secondary amine compound D to be blended is preferably in the range of 0. When jis k curing catalyst is the acid itself, the amount of the acid refers to its actual weight.

The coating treatment of the rutile type titanium oxide particles with zirconia and alumina can be carried out in a known manner.

The same procedure as in Example jis k jls conducted except that any primer was not applied onto an electrically galvanized steel plate having a thickness of 0. The coating amount of zirconia is preferably in the range of 0.

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These polybasic acid uis can be used jis k or in a combination of two jis k more. J ranging from 8b A coating composition according to claim uis, jis k said polyester resin A comprises an oil-free polyester resin comprising an esterified compound of a polybasic acid component and a polyhydric alcohol component.

A coating composition according to claim 1, wherein said hydroxyl group-containing polyester resin is selected from the group consisting of oil-free polyester resins, oil-modified alkyd resins and modified resins thereof. The coating surface on which any shrinkage did not occur and any coating defects such as cissing, recesses and clouding were not observed was regarded as good 0.

The titanium oxide particles are typically coated with zirconia, alumina and if necessary, nis. Coil coating compositions with low temperature flexibility and improved stain resistance.

According to the coating composition of the present invention, there can be formed a coating film which is excellent in appearance, hardness, processing property, pollution resistance and acid resistance.


Additionally, in the coating composition of the present invention, a titanium white is preferably employed as a white pigment in which round rutile titanium oxide particles from which the coarse particles having diameters of 0.

Coating composition capable of forming coating film having excellent stain-resistance. A coating composition according to claim 17, wherein said jis k melamine resin is jis k addition product of melamine and an aldehyde. The amount of the curing catalyst C is preferably js the range of 0. A coating composition according to claim 1, wherein the secondary amine compound D comprises a dialkylamine having 2 jis k 16 carbon a toms.

Furthermore, in the coating jis k of the jiis invention, deterioration of processing properties can be jis k inhibited by the use of the secondary amine and the butyl etherified melamine resin. A preferable example of the white pigment is a silica-free titanium white obtained using rutile type titanium oxide particles usually, having a primary particle diameter of about 0.

The procedure was done according to JIS K. On the coating film of the coated plate, a pencil scratch test was made in accordance with Jis k K 8.

The alkyd resin is preferably a resin that can be prepared, for example, from the i component of the above oil-free polyester resin, the alcohol component and an oil fatty acid by a known reaction. The curing catalyst C is preferably a sulfonic acid compound or a neutralized sulfonic acid compound.

JIS K Pencil HardnessTest |

Furthermore, curing conditions of above coating composition can suitably be selected from baking conditions for curing the coating composition. Most preferably zinc or zinc alloy plated steel plates can be used. Then an optical assessment is carried out to see which pencil hardness damages the surface. At this time, a degree of the peeled coating film was observed to evaluate on the basis of the following standards. On the other hand, if the N.