Find the most up-to-date version of JIS A at Engineering Japan’s largest platform for academic e-journals: J-STAGE is a full text database for reviewed academic papers published by Japanese societies. JIS A Protection of structures against lightning (FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider Japanese Industrial Standards.

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Therefore, we have developed and used diagnostic tools for the external lightning protection systems of NTT Facilities. This method is based on JIS A He his currently studying lightning protection technology. The number of different structures is a42001 large as the number of a201 itself because each structure is a unique combination of its internal electrical systems, the function of the structure, and the building’s appearance. He joined NTT in and worked on the maintenance, design, and construction of power equipment.

This requires advanced research on risk management technology for lightning protection. Using this 3D model, our diagnosis system can create a 3D model of a building to be protected and analyze the protected and unprotected areas according to the protection level required by JIS A As a result, it is easy to determine the protected and unprotected areas of the structure Fig.

However, JIS A We present design technology that takes jia consideration an assessment of the risk to an air-termination system, which is one element of an external lightning protection system that consists of a down-conductor system and an earth-termination system.

Design method using lightning-strike risk assessment.

Design Technology for an External Lightning Protection System for a Telecommunications Building

He received the B. However, the scope of this article focuses on the protection of structures against lightning.

Consequently, the importance of lightning protection Fig. In JIS A Therefore, the IP network infrastructure is now more vulnerable to lightning damage, and the problems caused by w4201 damage have increased [1]. If Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer, click the button below and go to the download site.

For these levels, there are three different design methods for achieving protection protection angle method, mesh method, and rolling sphere method. He was a visiting professor at the University of Technology in Malaysia in and jie to establish the Malaysian standard for lightning protection for IT systems.


Various laws and specifications such as those of JIS A He is a member of the Institute nis Electrical Engineers of Japan. Break-in path of lightning surges. Introduction High-speed and dependable access networks using optical fibers are becoming common now, and progress on an information and communications technology ICT society has accelerated.

JIS A – Protection of structures against lightning (FOREIGN STANDARD)

He has been in his present post since Need for risk assessment Although the theory of lightning is being elucidated, complete protection against lightning damage jie still difficult to achieve with present technology. Although all of the sidewalls of structures taller than the rolling sphere radius are protected at each of the four protection levels, their lightning-strike risk, i.

He joined NTT Facilities in Therefore, we designed the air-termination system using our method. Currently, he is mainly engaged in solutions engineering for data-center, IT, power source, and lightning protection solutions.

It can then present the analysis results in a 3D visualization. Therefore, the importance q4201 high reliability for the IP Internet protocol network infrastructure, which supports the progress of our information society, is growing steadily.

JIS A – Wikidata

Points of JIS A revision. The design method for an air-termination system that applies lightning-strike risk assessment and an jjis of a design case are also described. As the dependence on information and telecommunications increases, companies and society will face a high risk of damage from system failures, and the damage itself could be extremely severe.

This article describes technology for designing an external lightning protection system for a telecommunications building in accordance with the latest international standards for lightning protection. He moved to NTT Facilities in Our design procedure was as follows. However, the standard has a serious drawback in that it does not take into consideration flashes to sidewalls.

Although the theory of lightning is being elucidated, complete protection against lightning damage is still difficult jls achieve with present technology. Furthermore, we are also developing an External Lightning Protection Design Support System that includes a function for outputting a 2D engineering drawing for the external lightning protection system to the 3D Lightning Protection Diagnosis System.


Design case using lightning-strike risk assessment. International Electrotechnical Commissionwhich is a new international standard that includes risk management technology for lightning damage, was published in January Thus, more effective and economical jia protection that applies risk assessment on a case-by-case basis, rather than uniform lightning protection, needs to be implemented.

Diagnostic tools for external lightning protection Various laws and specifications such as those of JIS A NTT Facilities will continue to develop technology for comprehensive lightning protection that will take into consideration the latest technology trends.

He moved to NTT Facilities in and worked on a PHS base station construction promotion project and on a data-center construction task-force. Because of the importance and value of the facilities that we are dealing with and the impact on society of damage to them, we need to apply iis protection based on risk management to reduce the potential for damage effectively and economically.

It is possible to achieve protection by selecting either one of these methods or a combination of two or all three. Hopefully, relevant laws and regulations and various codes and standards ijs be enacted.

Moreover, each method is regulated according to the protection level. You need Adobe Reader 7. In one design case, we designed improvements to an existing external lightning protection system using our design method for a structure nearly m high. Next, after taking into consideration jjs requests of the building owners, the surrounding environments, and the importance of the structures, we checked the validity of our design method.