High-performance SAE J software based protocol stack. Complete J source code is provided. 15 Nov Get on the Bus: J and J Vehicle Bus Standards on established protocols that vary based on vehicle manufacturer, vehicle model. 14 Nov J defines the physical layer, which are the hardware (wiring) and basic protocol that is needed for J and J to transmit messages.

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J communicates diagnostic information, while J communicates control data.

The CAN protocol is totally incompatible with J If so, if the j protocol is on the rs physical layer, can the CAN be interface to the rs so it can interpret the j protocol??? Soon after, multiple studies showed that adding sophisticated at the time features such as antilock brakes and air bags saved lives.

Starting init included a specific diagnostic connector to be used on all heavy duty vehicles. The time between the last time the ECU i. Hi The Can controller area network on this forum is not a very successful topic I have also questions on this forum about Can It is just strange that not one of the microchip application Engineers get involved in this topic.


Also, the message length of J is variable up to 21 bytes for standard messages. J also has its own special connector.

J and J Vehicle Bus Standards | Omnitracs

J Checksum The last byte of every message is the two’s complement of the MID and data contained in the message. Posts from Microchips FAE’s are very few and far between.

This is a Microchip forum. Since this post were made in January we also advaced great steps in CAN development and I must admit that Microchip Switzerland got on Board with us and supported us with Technical know how and advice.


j1708 and CAN

Omnitracs makes no representations, warranties, or other commitments whatsoever about any non-Omnitracs sites or third-party resources that may be referenced, accessible from, or linked to this site.

Thanks to all for your reply. Characters are transmitted in the common 8N1 format.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Links to useful PIC information: So even if you got past all the problems with u1708 bit stuffing and ACK, there’s no way you could capture all the J data. A RS transceiver connected in passive mode is used as the bus transceiver. The logical value transmitted onto the bus is the difference in voltage between the two wires.

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SAE J – Wikipedia

J and CAN are seperate physical layers. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? J Data Link J is a differential serial communications bus which is half duplex and multi-master i. The messages are prioritized and one can both send and recieve. The content is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be an endorsement or representation by Omnitracs or any other party.

The hardware utilized are RS transceivers wired for open collector operation through the use of a pullup and pulldown of the separate data lines.

I did not get any usefull response on my repeater question. J is mainly used on heavy-duty and commercial vehicles. Protoocl correctly, request data.

A logic 0 is when B is 0. J prorocol J Vehicle Bus Standards. J is outdated and is currently being phased out of production. Selecting which document is determined by the MID of the message. Want more from Omnitracs? If this were not done properly, then the receiver would flag it as an error.