23 Apr Gujral Doctrine is considered as a milestone in India’s foreign policy. It was rendered by Mr. Inder Kumar Gujral, the Minister of External Affairs. Gujral doctrine: Inder Kumar Gujral: who is remembered for the Gujral Doctrine, a policy grounded on India’s unilaterally reaching out diplomatically to its. What is Gujral Doctrine? Former Prime Minister, Late I.K. Gujral propounded the Gujral Doctrine when he was the Union Minister of External Affairs in .

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India has adopted the policy of Going East, and Pakistan is following suit. I started by recalling that both India and Sri Lanka are close to the 50th anniversary of their independence. India should have resolved all kind of disputes border, economic etc.

Gujral doctrine

India is so situated that she is the pivot of western, southern, and south east Asia. Pakistan has bought sizeable quantities of Indian wheat and sugar, and India has bought Pakistani cotton.

Prime Minister of India — Its last, but by no means the least important, principle was that while entire spectrums of relationships came under sincere problem-solving dialogues, cooperation must begin on agreed terms in agreed areas even as certain disputes remained unresolved.

Narayanan refused to sign the recommendation and sent it back to the government for reconsideration. The first article of this agreement declared the neither India nor China would use military gujrak against other.


He was given a state funeral at Her research focuses on the global impact of U. It was followed by agreements with Sri Lanka for expanding development cooperation and was proceeded by certain unilateral initiatives by India to break voctrine long deadlock in Indo-Pakistan relations. Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman, I have had occasion in the recent past to talk about my view of inter-state relations especially in India’s immediate neighbourhood. Minister of Finance — The Doctrine was not consciously projected as such by its author, India?

Gujral Doctrine Security Dimensions of the Gujral Doctrine | IPCS

The water sharing with Bangladesh passed without problems in the first three months of It has relevance today also as most neighbours of India are much smaller in size in comparison to its own size. Janata Dal — Independent onwards. We fully support this doctrije and we hope it will become a regular feature on the SAARC calendar in the coming years.

On 27 November, he fell unconscious and his urine output system stopped working. With neighbours like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka, India does not ask for reciprocity, but gives and accommodates what it can in good faith and trust.

Gujral doctrine | Indian politics |

The outbreak of the armed insurgency of Tamil Tigers in Jaffna created an almost inevitable chasm between Colombo and New Delhi. Retrieved 2 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been alleged that this led to physical elimination of RAW human assets through extrajudicial means by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. I am only too well aware of the serious difficulties gujfal face us in achieving that object.


Retrieved 30 November The visit to India by the President of the Republic of China has marked an important step forward in our bilateral cooperation. I am firmly of the view that these are the eoctrine principles doctrrine should form the basis of an international order where different nations have to co-exist and cooperate to build a better future for our coming generations.

Our friendship will also provide an anchor for the security and prosperity of the Indian Ocean region. One forgets almost the struggle and misery of the world of action. Chairman, that I am particularly happy to be here gujra, a time when both India and Sri Lanka are nearing the 50th anniversary of their independence, and of their cooperation in the larger Asian framework.

Architect of ‘Gujral Doctrine’ is guujral more”. Our aim is to develop an integrated strategy for what we hope will be a resurgent area of growth.

For him, the message of the Buddha, that great son of India, and of the world, was a special guide in a world of confusion and bewilderment. Minister for New and Renewable Energy Dr.