Agustín Fernández Mallo (A Coruña, ) is a physicist and Spanish writer. He lives in Palma El hacedor (de Borges) Remake (The Maker (of Borges) Remake) (Unpublished); Nocilla Dream, ; Nocilla Experience, ; Nocilla Lab. També ha experimentat amb la reescritura de l’obra de Borges -una de les seves influències reconegudes-, en El hacedor (de Borges), Remake, (Alfaguara. El Hacedor (de Borges), Remake: Agustin Fernandez Mallo: Books –

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Their observations on the evolution of an interactive digital narrative IDN for over half a decade also indicated how an interactive narrative can be improved artistically by adapting technological advances into its design Koenitz, Sezen and Sezen, Nobuhiro Suwa, often called ” the most French of Japanese directors “has a complex relationship with European cinematic modernity.

The presence of intertextuality elements connecting those films, as well as the use of myse en abyme structures are deeply analyzed in this article to attain a greater understanding on how this process of transcultural dialogue works. Both films tend to confront and gloss their previous pairs, but they are also continuations of their concerns and their aesthetical discoveries.

Ads help cover our server costs. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In his book Best Before: Through the use of two popular narrative tropes, the bromance and the Western journey for self-discovery in Asia, the show argues that the interaction with the Asian other is beneficial primarily in masculine self-discovery and masculine homosocial bonding.

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Lukas and John Marmysz, eds. History, Theory and Practice. Between European Modernity and Japan.

El hacedor (de Borges). Remake by Agustín Fernández Mallo (1 star ratings)

Normative Western masculinity in Better Late than Never. Click here to sign up. American masculinity through the reification of ideologically preferred contact with the other that is shallow and that benefits the Western traveler. The purpose of this study is to analize the relations and connections of consumption between cinema and fashion through an analytic approach of positioning from the young people at the post-modern era, analizing the pathway consumption Full text available at En este sentido, el primer While they are trying to achieve an independent textual status, Lukas and John Marmysz, eds Between, VIII, 15 By using the gaps in copyright laws, the Turkish film industry in this political climate adopted an anarchic approach towards these bans, remade Hollywood productions scene by scene, and haceodr them available for the masses, producing something we may call activist remakes that haceror the potential to open discussions about borgges kinds of triangular relationships.


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Besides, both films exemplify different ways of developing the references on which they are built, namely deconstruction for H Story and reconstruction for A Perfect Couple. In Fear, Cultural Anxiety and Transformation: A comparative study between the remake and the original thus reveals the effects of elements that their narrative designs do not share.

Elder men’s bromance in Asian lands: In current scholarship, remakes are almost always compared with former versions instead of their sources, and considered to have a complex relationship with earlier texts. Remakes share a certain amount of components with the originals they are based on, but they also have aspects that are specifically redesigned. In order to understand the consequences of remaking, the chapter introduces the concept from film and literary studies and moves it into game studies.

Better Late than Never is a remake of a Korean reality T. His two feature films H Story ce A Perfect Couple can provide useful case studies, as they were remxke in dialogue with two key references of that modernity: In their previous work, the editors of this book Koenitz et al.

Matar zombis nunca fue pan comido. While they are trying to achieve an independent textual status, they also use the existence of the earlier versions. Remember me on this computer. Demake text available at: Help Center Find new research papers in: After discussing game remakes from several perspectives, including game design, platform studies and user studies, the chapter investigates realMyst Cyan Worlds,a remake of the classical video game Myst Cyan,to study the effects of remaking on narrative design.


American self and emotionally connected to his fraternal companions. El caso del Lazarillo Z. Through the conservator’s lens: In this respect, remakes provide test cases for analysing the revisions of narrative design in games and IDNs.

El caso de Jurassic World. Um estudo sobre o consumo de Se Salander. Chapter in Interactive Digital Narrative: Edinburgh University Press, How is authenticity served? Log In Sign Up.

Agustín Fernández Mallo – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

The purpose of this study d to analize the relations and connections of consumption between cinema and fashion through an remkae approach of positioning from the young people at the post-modern era, analizing the pathway consumption from Lisbeth Salander, character of cinema and literature created by Stieg Larsson, on the adaptations to the cinema considering the premise of the influences and midiatic inserts on the contemporary era from the analysis of the construction of the main character of the Millenium trilogy.

No podemos entender correctamente la actual industria del entretenimiento sin analizar atentamente estos constantes trasvases. The term narrative design2 is here used in a broader sense to describe an ideally coherent combination of computational i.

Le remake documentaire en question.