Download Citation on ResearchGate | Dobby shedding mechanism | The design, operation and development trends of dobby shedding mechanisms are. The cam shedding system has limitation in terms of number of healds that can be is to be controlled by the shedding mechanism Dobby system is preferred. Dobby is the mechanism which attached with the loom to control the movement heald shaft. Scope of Dobby Shedding Mechanism: When a pattern is beyond.

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But no heald shaft is used here. The dobby which can raise and lower the heald frame without the use of an additional reversing motion is called positive dobby. Dobby loom is important for its use. This kind of dobby only raises the shafts. The scope of Dobby: The levers are connected with the knife and also the knifes are connected with the driving rod by means that of connecting needle.

The tappet should be so made that headls will remain stationary while the shuttle passes through the shed. According to the driving of heald shaft: The shaft will therefore be lowered with the help of return spring and will remain down for the next pick. We can use heald frame in tappet loom but if we want to use more heald frame for more decorative design then we should use dobby loom.


According to fabric design, when peg came in contact with the feeler, then the right portion of the feeler is raised and the left portion is lowered. Negative dobby shedding mechanism in textile. Frequently occurring faults analyzed by ust Theoretically, it can control maximum 48 heald frame but practically Labels cotton dyeing Flax fiber Garments merchandising knitting Reactive dye Ring frame machine sewing sewing machine sewing methods Sewing Needle silk fiber spinning textile finishing Textile Manufacturing Wild silk.

When more than 36 no.

Here, jack levers are moved at the same time. The scope of dobby is limited between a tappet and a jacquard. Hence the heald shafts are again raised. Knit Garment Factory List in Bangladesh: They get motion from motor and machine pulley. Others Yarn Faults or Defects?

The jacquard is a shedding device placed on the top of the loom to produce large patterns by using a large number of warp threads separately by means of harness cords, hooks and needles.

According mschanism driving of heald shaft: Dobby Shedding Dobby Shedding Mechanism. Positive dobby shedding is that the combination of 3 Cylinders, jack lever, spring and a shaft. Newer Post Older Post Home. The hooks are controlled by feelers. In textile industrycount is a numerical expression, which expresses the fineness or coarseness Diamete Dobby is the mechanism which attached with the loom to control the movement heald shaft.


Dobby Shedding | Dobby Shedding Mechanism – Textile Learner

Ordinary dobby, Special dobby. What is Fiber in Textile?

In narrow fabrics dwell will be short. S loom dwell period will be short and vice versa. Study on lock stitch plain sewing machine Introduction: Definition, types and end mechaism Fabric Selvage Definition and types of yarn count Types and flow-chart of jute processing What is Resin finishing?

Mechanical dobby, Electric dobby.

Dobby Shedding Mechanism?

The Dobby Shedding mechanism gives a good scope for weaving designs repeating a large no of picks and ends. The two ends of heald shaft joined with the outside and inside jack lever.

Advantages of Negative Dobby: