CHITSHAKTI VILAS the play of consciousness swami muktana^ida ABOUT THE BOOK CHITSHAKTI VILAS is the moving per¬ sonal account of the. – Buy Chitshakti Vilas book online at best prices in india on . Read Chitshakti Vilas book reviews & author details and more at Documents Similar To Chit Shakti Vilas the Play of Consciousness – Swami Muktananda. Abhinavagupta – Tantrasara (Chakravarty and Marjanovic edition). pdf.

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By his blessing, any man becomes divine, continuously immersed in inner joy.

Cuitshakti you will equally enjoy all foods, whether plain or sumptuous, properly cooked or not. Whoever is touched by his body receives Shakti. She would keep fasts on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, in fact on all chihshakti if it came to that. One should endeavour wholeheartedly to secure his sublime grace. The completion and fruit of sadhana depend entirely on his attitude to his Guru. I consecrate this work, this hymn of homage, to Thee. The inhabitants of such countries apply the art and science of agriculture with religious zeal.

As meditation becomes intense, respiration is suspended for longer periods. Pretence of Meditation 4. He frankly describes his own difficulties and problems, faced and resolved, during the course of his sadhana.

Let every woman of the world directly experience the might of Parashakti and look upon her husband as a ray of the same. As your inner aroma is released, not only your home, but your whole world will become tranquil; your body will shed its heaviness and sloth and become lithe and vibrant.

All these mothers, including the sweet, affectionate and loving ones from Delhi and Bombay, still consider me a temperamental child and give maternal affection with reverence, devotion and love.

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As days went by and their anxiety about this increased, they approached a highly evolved saint, conversant with the scriptures, and put their problem to him.

Tour quest for perfumes also meets a similar fate. It is difficult even to keep my eyes open.

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Since you fail to find it, you feel weary. For mere praise, you try chitsnakti please, even fawn on all sorts of people. For the consummation of my chtshakti I bow to my beloved Gurudev, my sublime Father, who transcends the distinction of unity and diversity, the torch-bearer on the Siddha path, whose actions are based on equality and on the awareness of the Self of all, who grants villas state of perfection easily.

You may belong to any party, but your practice of meditation will not interfere with your party obligations. You will be immersed in an ocean of pure tactile delight. If he gives a little sermon or a mantra, or if he dabbles in Tantric rituals, he is easily accepted.

The number of so-called gurus has multiplied in the world, with everybody readily claiming the title. It is through concentration that you are able to master many artistic 32 Chitsahkti Vilas skills. Will he go abroad? Ganeshpuri Niwasi Bhagavan Nityananda. Birds, animals and trees also fall into these two categories.

Yet I extended neither pity nor forgiveness. Then there is the modern notion that if God did exist, the world would not be tormented with so much conflict, strife and suffering. Although it may not have conformed to the criteria of scholars and critics, it is a true and simple account of a spiritual journey containing authentic experiences. You visit hotels and clubs to find it, but you end up with boredom and emptiness.

In describing the greatness of his own Guru, Bhagawan Nityananda, Gurudev brings out the divinity of the Guru. Begin at once to seek your true well-being. Unable to realise God, he is plagued by anxious misgivings: O beloved power of yoga! Their devotion to the Guru, meditation and spiritual seeking should be genuine.


He reflects a wide range of human emotions. He comprises Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in his being.

Chitshakti Vilas

Worship the Guru devotedly. Your spiritual practice will become automatic.

He depicts the various planes of reality and the experiences corresponding to them by directly recreating his visions of the red, white, black and blue lights, and finally, the bliss that lies beyond all beyonds. You will cease to lament: The most precious things of the world are mere chishakti to them. Its repetition promotes enthusiasm for sadhana and love for the Chitshaktk. He would sit in the clouds for a while, come back with fresh inspiration and start writing.

There is not enough food and some people are forced to survive on the leaves of plants and trees. As you listen to it, you will have such sleep as vvilas enjoyed only by heavenly beings. Pawnesh rated it it was amazing Dec 30, There are many such practitioners of Siddha Yoga. The divine Kundalini is of the nature of pranava. How many children will he have? Here Gurudev has revealed chitshaiti mysteries of travelling to different worlds in the Blue Star, the vision of the Divine Being, varied inner lights and their significance, the process of becoming an urdhvareta and its meaning, and the final realisation.

You are the power of bliss received from Nityananda. Then he blames his past actions, his prarabdha.