Somos una empresa enfocada en ayudar a la obtención de la certificación LEED , título enfocado al desarrollo de edificios con impacto en el medio ambiente. Certificacion LEED – Cursos LEED – Construcción Sostenible – Edificios Verdes. Ya están abiertas las inscripciones para el curso: LEED – Diseño y. 3 Abr El U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) ha otorgado a la Torre BBVA Bancomer la certificación LEED Platino en la categoría de Building.

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Certified points earned.

This family of credits considerates the origin of the materials in the construction, giving priority to reused materials. To ensure that the participating building apply to LEED certification and comply with the minimum indispensable conditions established by the LEED system.

Validation of the Minimum Program Requirements. We have developed a set of LEED Reference Guides for each rating system to help project teams understand each credit and prerequisite. Discover LEED to determine which rating system is the best fit and then follow up by reading the Selection Guidance to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

Volume certification Designed for LEED users looking to certify an entire portfolio of building projects.

LEED offers several options designed for companies and organizations seeking certification for multiple buildings. Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Gold points earned. View detailed fee tables. International exhibition of the project through the USGBC website, as a case study and media advertising. Available for several buildings on a single site. Available certificacioon virtually all building, community and home project types, LEED provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings.


We’re here to help.

In this last step, the final score and level of certification achieved by the project is shown. Cities and Communities Pilot.

Projects can be at any stage of the development process, from conceptual planning to construction; includes Plan and Built Project. It contributes to the growing knowledge base of sustainable development.

Flexible LEED works for all building types anywhere.

Certificación LEED

These will achieve solutions of high performance and environmental efficiency, based on the requirements of the LEED standard. Sustainable LEED buildings save energy, water, resources, generate less waste and support human health. Some of the benefits provided by this evaluation are:. These 7 steps are a lded guide to the LEED process.

Cursos LEED – Certificación LEED – LEED – Edificios Verdes – Construcción Sostenible

LEED buildings attract tenants, cost less to operate and boost employee productivity certificaicon retention. To achieve LEED certification, there are some guidelines that must be met. As a first step in launching LEED v4.

Energy and resource saving. Our Certification Guides lead projects through the LEED process under each rating system, starting from registration to certification. Family of credits focused on the well-being of occupants of the building through strategies that influence their health and well-being, as well as actions that seek a renovation of the interior air through an adequate ventilation, free of VOCs or tobacco smoke; The assurance of an interior environment with certificacioj comfortable temperature, among lsed considerable aspects in the LEED buildings.


We also have built a comprehensive online toolkitwhich includes key supplemental material for LEED projects like addenda and sample forms. That is, the requirements change according to the rating system to which the construction is submitted. After cwrtificacion second review, the review board corroborates the new evidence presented and deliberates the credits that were pending, determining if the implemented strategy achieved the approving performance on the applied credit. The credits in this category refer to agents that impact in the external environment, such as avoiding sedimentation and dertificacion, habitat restoration, rainwater treatment, among other strategies.

This review has as purpose a feedback by the approval board, where they will express possible doubts about the credits applied.

Certificación LEED | Verde Activo

It seeks an optimal use of energy, its source and how energy efficiency impacts the community. A summatory of points system, where mandatory prerequisites do not give points and credits are optional allow to reach one of the certidicacion levels of certification available: Provides a clearer picture of water efficiency by evaluating total building water use. This family is the one that gives the most number of credits on the LEED scale. The certification process for a sustainable project contains the next steps: Learn more about LEED rating systems.