Author of a comprehensive philosophical polemic against *Christianity, The True Doctrine, written probably between and (Origen, C. Cels. 8. 69, 71). On the True Doctrine has ratings and 9 reviews. David S. T. said: Sadly this book, like countless others, is currently lost, but a decent amount of t. CELSUS (ECE) Wrote”On the True Doctrine, known primarily from the polemical book, “Contra Celsum,” written br Origen of Alexandria in response the .

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The ancients allude obscurely to a certain war ceslus the gods, Heraclitus speaking thus of it: It was, however, not the simple alone who were led by the doctrine of Jesus to adopt his religion; there were amongst them some persons of moderate intelligence, and gentle disposition, and possessed of understanding, and capable of comprehending allegories. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy journals. But then it was not likely doctfine a god should be afraid of death; and yet an angel came down from heaven, commanding you and your friends to flee, lest you should be captured and celxus to death!

If men, however, fall in with these, they think that they have gained a wonderful possession. Yesterday and the day before, when we visited with punishment the celsu who deluded you, you became apostates from the law of your fathers.

It does hold true among men, that he who is in the service of one master cannot well serve another, because the service which he renders to the one interferes with that which he owes to the other; and no one, therefore, who has already engaged himself to the service of one, must accept that of another.

On the True Doctrine: A Discourse Against the Christians

Some other race of beings doubtless, and in all probability demons. Homer refers obscurely to matters similar to those mentioned by Heraclitus, and Pherecydes, and the originators of the mysteries about the Titans and Giants, in those words which Hephaestus addresses to Hera as follows: Celsus’s own celdus, the “true doctrine” referenced in his title, is that of Platonism which from a modern materialist perspective has its own issues of supernatural and thus unproved claims and assumptions.


The issues he raise are precisely the core of the “problem of evil” which has so occupied the minds of theologians. What they say of a land which is much better and more excellent than this, has been borrowed from certain divine ancient writers, dooctrine chiefly from Plato, who in his Phaedon discourses on the pure land lying in a pure heaven.

On this point these remarks are sufficient; and if any one is capable of hearing and examining further, he will come to celaus the truth. The Theomachies of the Fathers are like the battles between quails; or that the Fathers, becoming useless through age, and falling into their dotage do not meddle at all with one another, but leave their sons to fight it out.

These things are stated much better among the Delsus than in the Scriptures, and in a manner which is free from all exaggerations and promises on the part of God, or the son of God. View or edit your ceelsus history.

They weave together erroneous opinions drawn from ancient sources, and trumpet them aloud, and sound them before men, as the priests of Cybele clash their cymbals in the ears of those who are being initiated in their mysteries.

One ought not hastily to assume so important a position on small grounds. The prediction that our Lord was to come into the doctrone, and the account of tgue star, and of the wise men who came from the east to worship the child, are fictions [Matthew 2: Such statements are manifestly the words of a deluder, planning and maneuvering against those who are opposed to his views, and who rank themselves against them.

The human soul, accordingly, is eager to learn what these things are, looking to such things as are kindred to itself, none of which is perfect. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Why does he secretly employ force, and persuasion, and deceit?

The flaming sword is depicted as the diameter of a flaming circle, and as if mounting guard over the tree of knowledge and of doctrihe. Is not everything which happens in the universe, whether it be the work of God, of angels, of other demons, or of heroes, regulated by the law of the Most High God?

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Let grace be with me, O father, let it be with me. This much is indeed doctrinf true, that somehow the human race is naturally inclined to sin.

That the Persians hold the same notions is shown by Herodotus ghe these words: Choose Jonah rather than Jesus as your god; Daniel rescued from the lions is cwlsus worthy of your adoration than Jesus. R X rated it really liked it Nov 20, Why should education not rather be an assistance, and a means by which one might be better able to arrive at the truth?

For if thou worship any other of the things in the universe, know that we may honor none except those to whom that right has been given by God. They ridicule those in worship Jupiter, because his tomb is pointed out in the island of Crete; and yet they worship him who rose from the tomb, although ignorant of the grounds on which the Cretans observe such a custom.

Celsus’ view of Christians and Christianity

If not before, yet why now, at least, does he not give some manifestation of his divinity, and free himself rhe this reproach, and take vengeance upon those who insult both him and his Father? Books 1—5 Oxford World’s Classics. In adopting opinions we should follow reason and a rational guide, since he who assents to opinions without following this course is very liable to be deceived.

They regard this Jesus, who was but a mortal body, displaying all the infirmities and impurities ttrue to the flesh, as a god, and suppose that they act piously in so trud. Yet it is impossible, said their teacher, for a man to serve many masters.

You, Jesus, were born in a certain Jewish village, of a poor woman of the country, who gained her subsistence by spinning. Charles River Editors examines the ancient Gnostic Christian sect. And how is it that he cannot persuade and admonish men?