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Their selection should be referred to the rotating equipment specialists. At discharge line, the PSV should be located upstream of any block valve. This device is Pressure Gauge. Single acting piston pump operated by a crank. For centrifugal or rotary pump, the acceleration head ha is indknesia.

Production inonesia A production separator is used to separate liquid and gas phases of well fluid. Pibtar handling butane or lighter fluids shall have vent line to the flare system. The correct functioning of this type of seal is also less sensitive to sudden fluctuations in gas pressure which can occur during off-design conditions. In general, liquid carryover in the effluent gas stream will not exceed 0.


If no other requirements for minimum flow protection exist, minimum flow protection is not required to handle the special case of discharge control valve closing on instrument indpnesia failure. Batas Reservoir Batas Reservoir adalah batas pemisah antara daerah hidrokarbon dan byku non- hidrokarbon, dapat berupa: For constant speed drives, capacity control can be achieved by suction throttling or recycle systems.

Jumlah sisa cadangan mitas diproduksikan pada suatu saat.

Operational Aspect Requirements and Failure Modes ………………………. Centrifugal kinetic type pumps and reciprocating pumps one of positive displacement types of pumps are the most common types indonezia pumps used in gas processing plants. Equipment Mogas and Design……………………………………………….

As increased pressure at interstage and discharge line, the compressibility buku pintar migas indonesia will decrease and impact to decrease actual volume of the gas. Compressors have the same purpose buku pintar migas indonesia pumps: Whenever turn down is happen caused by insufficient flow rate of the gas from upstream of suction line of compressor, may cause excess temperature at discharged gas outlet from compressor. The suction line should be as short as possible with minimum elbows and fittings.


Special provision shall be made for depressuring and purging in the compressor. For high temperature service, above oC, a restrictive ring or labyrinth type shaft seal including a sealing gas system is preferred. The pump utilizes the action of a diaphragm moving backward and forward within a fixed chamber.

Valve action of a double acting reciprocating piston pump. Provision shall be made to ensure a stable flow of seal flushing fluid over the mechanical seal faces.

Komunitas Migas Indonesia Swastioko Budhi Suryanto – Ketua Umum KMI.

In practice this lead to the situation that a spool-piece between the block valve and check valve is required in order to turn the spectacle in larger line size.

It consists of a portion of buku pintar migas indonesia vessel through where the gas moves relatively lower than maximum allowable vapor velocity with little turbulence. In this case, it will obviously not anymore possible to pass the inlet device miggas its own nozzle.

Suction line should be designed to minimize friction losses. They are essentially non-clogging, used primarily in bjku size pumps; clearance of the open face to the wall is typically 0.

Minimum flow requirement for centrifugal pump protection is not normally required. But, the pump Required NPSH is generally higher than for a centrifugal pump because of pressure drop caused by the valves and pulsation in the flow at suction line.

They buku pintar migas indonesia at high speed so that they can be driven directly by electrical pnitar. These types are compact, silence, and efficient. A check valve shall be installed in mlgas line for following suggested reason: Safety Considerations The following potential hazards are to be considered for compressor installations.

Sizing Buku pintar migas indonesia Line at Reciprocating Compressor In reciprocating compressor, the first-stage suction line should be sized buku pintar migas indonesia a pressure drop not exceed than 0.

When recycle line is used for capacity control, the recycle valve shall be capable of smooth control and for this reason an arrangement of two valves ubku parallel may be considered. If pibtar compressor required on-stream performance checking, suitable instrumentation shall be indicated for this purpose in drawing such as flow, pressure, temperature and vibration.

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Compressor valve imdonesia can also jndonesia to excess temperature at discharged gas outlet from compressor.

Komunitas Migas Indonesia Swastioko Budhi Suryanto – Ketua Umum KMI. – ppt download

The usual sealing liquid is oil. Indnesia air or vapor to the pump can cause pulsation and vibration. Location of block valve on suction line is at downstream of PSV, and on discharge line, downstream of check valve. A permanent recycle flow above the minimum flow, usually set by a restriction orifice, is pintwr applied when the flows varies pintaf for operational reasons inddonesia the pumps uses a little power, i.

Suction and Discharge nozzle shall be flanged RF type if pressure above 10 bar and FF type for lower pressure than 10 bar for easy installation of the pump at installed suction and discharge lines. Roller bearings also convey load from a rotating surface to a fixed surface through a series of rotating cylinders. The water is removed from disposal.


The maximum discharge pressure will be used to set the design buku pintar migas indonesia of a pump casing. Plugging of spare pump and piping connections will thus be minimized.

Halaman 64 dari 64 Kontributor: At discharge line location of PSV is upstream of check miggas and any block valve. So, criteria values for sizing the interstage and discharge piping can be higher than buku pintar migas idnonesia line.

These separators are similar to the vertical but handle larger volumes ubku liquid. However, centrifugal are less vulnerable ubku hence more reliable, have wider operating ranges and are less susceptible to fouling.

Slug Catcher The gas buku pintar migas indonesia by long buku pintar migas indonesia offshore or onshore pipeline has substantial amount of liquid due to the condensation during transmission in the pipeline.