Brahmagupta was an Indian mathematician, born in AD in Bhinmal, a state of Rajhastan, India. He spent most of his life in Bhinmal which was under the rule. Brahmagupta, (born —died c. , possibly Bhillamala [modern Bhinmal], Rajasthan, India), one of the most accomplished of the ancient Indian astronomers. Brahmagupta was a famous mathematician and astronomer who lived in seventh century India. His ideas were so profound that they still influence.

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This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Primarily a book of astronomy, it also contains several chapters on mathematics. He further finds the average depth of a series of pits.

Previously, the sum 3 – 4, for example, was considered to be either meaningless or, at best, just zero. Other bbrahmagupta by Brahmagupta included arithmetic progression and theorems relating to right angle triangles. He is the brahmaguptx scientist we have to thank for discovering the properties of precisely zero…. Get Brahmagupta from Amazon.

He also gave partial solutions to certain types of indeterminate equations of the second degree with two unknown variables. As a young man braumagupta studied astronomy extensively.

The perpendicular [altitude] is the square-root from the square of a side diminished by the square biogrsphy its segment. That of which [the square] is the square is [its] square-root. His main, but not sole, achievements in the field of mathematics were the introduction of zero and negative numbers. This section contains words approx. Expeditions were sent into Gurjaradesa.


Accept Reject Read More. A Natural History of Zero. Biogaphy is the square-root of the rupas multiplied by the square [and] increased by the square of half the unknown, diminish that by half the unknown [and] divide [the remainder] by its square. Brahmagupta’s most famous result in geometry is his formula for cyclic quadrilaterals.

Brahmagupta – Indian Mathematics – The Story of Mathematics

Although, this seems reasonable, Brahmagupta actually got this one wrong. Brahmagupta was born in CE according to his own statement. He was of the bfahmagupta that the Moon is closer to the Earth than the Sun based on its power of waxing and waning.

A positive divided by a positive or a negative divided by a negative is positive; a zero divided by a zero is zero; a positive divided by a negative is negative; a negative divided by a positive is [also] negative.

The sum of the thunderbolt products is the first. Some of the work of Bhaskarawhich was published some years later, shows little advancement form that produced by Brahmagupta.

The square-root of the sum of the two products of the sides and opposite sides of a non-unequal quadrilateral is the diagonal. The work is thought to be a revised version of the received siddhanta of the Brahmapaksha school, incorporated with some of his own new material.

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In chapter twelve of his BrahmasphutasiddhantaBrahmagupta provides a formula useful for generating Pythagorean triples:. He was from the state of Rajasthan of northwest India he is often referred to as Bhillamalacarya, the teacher from Bhillamalaand later became the head of the astronomical observatory at Ujjain in central India.



The field of mathematics is incomplete without the generous contribution of an Indian mathematician named, Brahmagupta. The illumination of the moon depends on the position and angle of Sunlight that hits the surface of the moon. In addition to that his work was commented upon by Lalla and Bhattotpala in the eighth and ninth century. Keep Exploring Britannica Thomas Edison.

Thank You for Your Contribution! Mathematicians have now shown biogrqphy zero divided by zero is undefined — it has no meaning. The kingdom of Bhillamala seems to have been annihilated but Ujjain repulsed the attacks. He went on to solve systems of simultaneous indeterminate equations stating that the desired variable must first be isolated, and then the equation must be divided by the desired variable’s coefficient.

The historian of science George Sarton called him “one of the greatest scientists of his race and the greatest of his time. He further gives a theorem on rational triangles. The Progenitors, twins; Ursa Major, twins, the Vedas; the gods, fires, six; flavors, dice, the gods; the moon, five, the brxhmagupta, the moon; the moon, arrows, suns [ Hence, the elevation of the horns [of the crescent can be derived] from calculation. But his description of division by zero differs from our modern understanding:.

The astronomy included in these books deals with planetary movement and eclipses. Views Read Edit View history.