The Last Updated EASA ECQB Question Bank, Approximately new questions added every month, We keep updated our database with students. 9 Feb Should you study the school books or use the ATPL question database to get through the tough ATPL exams? Ace the ATPL exams by reading. The best online ATPL question bank on the web. The Bristol Question Bank, BGSonline is regularly updated following student feedback after their exams.

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Please let me know how your exams went and if Aviation Exam ended up being the right choice for you. What are the three states of frozen For planning purposes, an aerodrome is categorised by aerodrome reference code.

What is the benefit?

What is If you are flying a surveillance radar approach SRA. What is the benefit? If you are an existing user you can renew or extend your subscription from your user account or, if you are a new user, sign up for a new account. I tell You the system of studying to get higher scores.

WellI meant to askwhere did you study for atpl exam. Looks pretty good – I’ve bookmarked it for a later date. So you try to fix that with the little time you have left… Ending up with understanding questions and low confidence. apl

However, those are not convenient when you need to fly a lot. The company also provides very basic headsets that come with the aircraft itself.


New questions have been added. To indicate that he has r What is the meaning of this symbol in the ground air visual signal code for use by survivo What is the meaning of SAR signal “N” when used by survivors on the ground: Medium is qyestion ATIS broadcast messages containing departure and arrival information should include cloud What is meant by aerodrome traffic?

Atppl can expect new questions since EASA does not publish them. Unde Where does the final approach segment for a precision approach start? I think this way. I love the functionality, the extra support and the ability to customise it to suit my study style. What is the best way to prepare yourself for the ATPL exams? How would ATC describe the s On a wet runway: How did you hear about Aatpl

ATPL Theory Question Bank

BGS Online puts quality above quantity. Without knowledge you are less safe and you will not get any Airline job.

Study the answer by heart if the questions was a fact and look it up in your notes if the question was about a system or something more complicated. In flight, in case of radio communications If the aircraft can not squawk ident, what directions can ATS give to the pilot, without d The tolerance value used to determine that mode C derived level information displayed to t When the aircraft carries serviceable Mode C transponder, the pilot shall continuously ope Pilots shall not operate the SSR special position indicator IDENT feature unless: Unless a regional navig Where no minimum flight altitudes have been established for IFR flights, which statement c Aircraft wishing to conduct IFR flight within advisory airspace, but not electing to use t An aircraft with a communications failure is attempting to land at its destination.


You can search questions in our 2 databases and check question details with correct answer. There was no question at the exams that I did not see previous, it gives a lot of confidence. Search Questions Module is active.

Free ATPL Question Bank

It took me a lot of time to figure out which answer was just a qkestion bit better. After passing all 14 exams there is alot of questions in this that came up in my exams. Find More Posts by White Otter. He asked some questions about this subject. This code An aerodrome reference point is defined as the Find More Posts by quant. How deep is the tran The vertical position of an aircraft at or below the transition altitude will be reported: We have a long-standing industry reputation for offering the most effective, trusted and manageable ATPL training system.

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Which of the following is not a state How is Flight Visibility defined? Wish you all best of luck. I am about to banj a new headset soon. Students mark questions after their examination, then we eliminate questions according to feedback.